What is a SEVA Score?


SEVA Score

A SEVA Score is an overrall rating between 1-10 based on a high school players stats, team, and physical attributes.

It's similar to a star rating, but created by accounting for a player's in-game statistics (points, assists, rebounds, etc.); as well as crucial player information (height, games played, etc.); as well as team info (win percentage, state, division, etc.). Once Hooplytics has a players data we input that data into an algorithm and compare the information against 50,000 varsity player seasons to project what level of collegiate basketball this player will excel at as a freshman. Years of research has helped Hooplytics to identify key indicators and trends that help map players' trajectory from the high school to the college level.

High School
Low DI
Mid Major
High Major (P5)

Be Evaluated

Upload your boxscore stats from your most recent high school season and get an immediate statistical evaluation score (SEVA Score) based off of your:

  • Statistical performance
  • Physical attributes
  • Team success
  • and several other factors
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Be Recruited

Based off of your evaluation Hooplytics can connect you with collegiate programs and make your evaluation public so you can share it.

  • Get paired with colleges
  • Send your evaluation to coaches
  • Share your evaluation on social media
  • and get recruited
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Are you good enough to play college basketball?

Hooplytics will evaluate you based off of your varsity high school basketball team and individual boxscore stats using in-depth statiscal analysis then pair you with collegiate programs that are a good fit.

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