Hooplytics offers tremendous value to parents and student-athletes who are trying to improve their game and play basketball at the next level. Because of this, we provide value-based pricing. You pay us what you think we are worth based on the value we are providing to you or your student-athlete.




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SEVA Score

The SEVA Score is our proprietary evaluation score. It is similar to a star rating, and allows college coaches to understand a players overall skill level from a glance. What sets a SEVA Score apart is that it is factual. Our algorithm measures a player using their stats, physical traits, team success, and level of competition to determine a player’s ability to play at the next level.

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Skill Scorecard

Your Skills Scorecard is your strengths and weaknesses. Every one of your skills will be broken down and graded according to how well you compare to other players in the country and players who have played in the past decade. Each skill has its own SEVA Score. You will learn if you shoot three-pointers or get offensive rebounds at a high D1 level or a junior college level, so on, and so forth. This break down gives you a roadmap of things you need to practice and improve to get recruited.

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Similar Players

In your evaluation, you will get a list of players who had similar SEVA Score, Skill Scores, and playing style to you or your student-athlete. If these players played in college, you will get to see where they played. This will give you an idea of what level college you can expect to play at and also provide you with insight into how you can improve so you can reach your goal of playing at a higher level.

10 Recommended Schools

As a supplement to your evaluation, you will get a list of colleges and universities that are a good fit for you to play at based on your SEVA Score, style of play, location, and the team's roster availability. You will get all of the coaching staff's name and contact details. This is a big deal. The #1 reason kids don't play at the next level is that they don't know which schools to contact, so they don't reach out to anyone. If they are contacting schools, they are usually the wrong ones. Take this opportunity to educated yourself on your prospects.


Evaluations are not an exact science; every player and situation are different. Highlights can always be skewed to show someone always at their best and not how they perform game in and game out.

The most important part about any evaluation is being honest with each player and parent, or it is worthless.

That is why Hooplytics uses in-depth analytics and stats (Facts) to evaluate players. Every evaluation is unbiased and will validate the level of competition and college you can play with. This will help get realistic options of colleges you can play for and more offers coming in.

Yes, College Coaches will evaluate you. But before that ever happens they need to know you exist and you need to give them a reason to even want to evaluate you.

For college coaches, the recruiting process works like a funnel. Coaches create their list of initial prospects from various sources. They compile names from their lists of athletes reaching out to them, searching online databases, recruiting questionnaires, etc. They make these lists from their pre evaluations using online film and transcripts.

Using your Hooplytics evaluation and sending it to your recommend schools will do 2 things:

1) It will give a college coach exactly what he needs to see to know if you should be on his prospect list. College coaches are extremely busy and have hundreds of kids reaching out to them every day. By sending your Hooplytics evaluation, that coach doesn’t have to cut through any fluff, he can see in a matter of seconds if you are someone he is looking for on his team.

2) By sending that evaluation to recommended schools you match your skills and playing style with the level of competition you can realistically play at.

Hooplytics helps you make the prospect list for more schools and get on the radar of more college coaches who want you on their team.

Yes, you can.

Every Hooplytics evaluation will break down your basketball skills and physical traits. From that evaluation, we give you a list of strengths and weaknesses.

We use your evaluation to make suggestions to for players so they can improve as a player and make themselves a more recruitable player. These suggested trainings are known as Hooplytics Training and they will help you improve your scoring, shooting, passing, rebounding, defending, and winning skills; as well as your physical strength and nutrition.

We have coaches available to help in these areas as well, reach out to them and get customized trainings that will directly benefit what you need to be a better basketball player.

The two biggest things you can do with it are:

1) Send it out to colleges to help yourself get noticed

2) Use it to get better.

Using our in-depth analytics and evaluations we have evaluated over 50,000 athletes. We also use those analytics to evaluate colleges. By doing this we can accurately recommend schools that you would be a good fit based on your SEVA Score and playing style.

We give every player a list of recommended schools that they can choose to send their evaluation and hopefully create an ongoing conversation with to really get the recruiting process started.

Send your evaluation to as many coaches as possible. We already have the best contact info the coaches of each college so you don’t have to worry about your evaluation sitting in a random inbox that no one will ever see.