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Get one statistical evaluation based on your most recent high school season's stats. Your evaluation will include analysis of the following areas:

  • Overall (SEVA Score)
  • Scoring
  • Passing
  • Rebounding
  • Defense
  • Winning
  • Physical


per Season

After you receive your free statiscal evaluation and see how you compare against players across the United States, you can upgrade your account to get connected with colleges that fit your profile. You will get:

  • Paired with 25 recommended colleges
  • Your evaluation can be sent to your paired schools
  • One-on-one recruiting calls with a Hooplytics recruiting expert
  • Strength and weakness analysis


What skills does Hooplytics Evaluate?



Winning matters. That is why it is listed first. Yes, basketball is a team sport. However, good players in high school directly affect winning, and they make it their priority. The last ten years of historical high school data show that successful college basketball players won many games in high school.



Successful college basketball players at any level could generally score the basketball in high school. Players that can effectively score many points while winning games in high school project to do well in college.



How much do you affect the outcome of the game by getting your teammates involved? Great players don't only score, but they facilitate the game and get the ball to the right people at the right time.



Big time rebounders can directly affect the wins and loss column (see "The Worm.") A player that can get his teammates into transition quickly by grabbing a defensive rebounding or who can get extra points by crashing the offensive glass is statistically proven to do well in the college level, especially if they have size and athleticism on their side.



Are you willing to get into a stance and help your team win by playing defense? If you aren't college basketball might not be for you. Hooplytics uses steals, blocks, and your height to determine how much you are personally affecting the outcome of the game.