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The ball never lies, right? We agree. That’s why we evaluate players using their production, team success, and the level of competition they compete against.

"Analytics have become the norm in the NBA and continue to grow in college hoops. Hooplytics is bringing real analytics to the high school level."

Ken Pomeroy

"I had 6 offers coming out of high school. More schools would've recruited me if coaches had my SEVA Score."

Jimmer Fredette
Phoenix Suns

"Hooplytics provides the statistical side of recruiting that has been missing. It helps validate what we think we see."

Ron Sanchez
Head Coach, Charlotte 49ers

Why Hooplytics?


Getting an unbiased evaluation is one of the most important parts of getting recruited. Hooplytics evaluates players using our proprietary algorithm and in-depth analytics. Know where you stand as a player.

  • Unbiased evaluation
  • Overall SEVA Score
  • Your personal Skill Scores
  • Display a highlight reel
  • Get a public link to share
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One of the hardest parts of kicking off of the recruiting process is knowing which schools to contact. Hooplytics simplifies the process for you and generates a list of 25 colleges and universities that you are a good fit for based on your evaluation.

  • Your 'Top 25' schools
  • Realistic list of schools based on evaluation
  • Increase the likelihood of being recruited
  • Current info on coaches and roster
  • Relevant school news
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You've been evaluated and have a list of realistic schools to play for at the next level. Now what? Easy, start reaching out to these schools and let them know you exist and why you are a good fit for them!

  • Message your 'Top 25'
  • Unlimited messages
  • Templates so you sound like a pro
  • Read receipts so you know they got it
  • Message from reputable source
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