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Hooplytics has evaluted over 4,452 high school players in 2019.

"Analytics have become the norm in the NBA and continue to grow in college hoops. Hooplytics is bringing real analytics to the high school level."

Ken Pomeroy
Founder, KenPom.com

"I had 6 offers coming out of high school. More schools would've recruited me if coaches had my SEVA Score."

Jimmer Fredette
Phoenix Suns

"Hooplytics provides the statistical side of recruiting that has been missing. It helps validate what we think we see."

Ron Sanchez
Head Coach, Charlotte 49ers

Put your stats to work

A SEVA Score is an overrall rating between 1-10 based on a high school players stats, team, and physical attributes. It's similar to a star rating, but created by accounting for a player's in-game statistics (points, assists, rebounds, etc.); as well as crucial player information (height, games played, etc.); as well as team info (win percentage, state, division, etc.).

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Your strengths and weaknesses

Your Skills Scorecard is your strengths and weaknesses. Every one of your skills will be broken down and graded according to how well you compare to other players in the country and players who have played in the past decade. Each skill has its own SEVA Score. You will learn if you shoot three-pointers or get offensive rebounds at a high D1 level or a junior college level, so on, and so forth. This break down gives you a roadmap of things you need to practice and improve to get recruited.


A Curated list of schools

As a supplement to your evaluation, you will get a list of colleges and universities that are a good fit for you to play at based on your SEVA Score, style of play, location, and the team's roster availability. This is a big deal. One of the main reasons athletes don't play at the next level is they don't know which schools to contact, so they don't reach out to anyone. If they are contacting schools, they are usually the wrong ones.

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Past Players

Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard led his team to a 32-3 record in a tough California conference. They finished the season being ranked 27th nationally and 7th in the state. Kawhi averaged 17.3 PPG, 1.0 APG, 6.5 RPG, 1.7 SPG, 1.3 BPG and shot 52% from the field. He played as a small forward and measured at 6'7".

His SEVA Score aligns perfectly with SDSU, where he played collegiately and was able to develop into a first-round draft pick.

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How does it work?

Input Your Stats

All we need is your box score stats from your most current high school season, some basic team stats, and your physical attributes. We take that data and input it into our algorithm which will compare you against 13 years worth of past and current player data.

Get Your Evaluation

Getting an unbiased evaluation is one of the most essential parts of getting recruited. Hooplytics evaluates players using our proprietary algorithm and in-depth analytics. Know where you stand as a player.

Improve your game

Every player has the opportunity to improve and get better. One of the main benefits of getting a Hooplytics evaluation is that you get to see your strengths and weaknesses and know what skill you need to improve to help yourself become a more recruitable player.